Easy to use, easier to recycle.

Meet CapTapTM, the dispensing innovation that makes large beverage cartons convenient while maintaining a low environmental footprint. CapTap unlocks the full potential of large beverage cartons resulting in a fully recyclable and cost-efficient packaging solution. Cheers to simplicity!

Gain access to all the benefits of 1,5–2 litre packaging without compromising recyclability.

Friendlier for consumers,
vendors and the environment.

CapTap presents:
the Tap-and-Box category

In the twist of a cap and turn of a tap, large liquid carton packages just became huge opportunities. CapTap solves the usability issues of 1,5–2L beverage cartons by making dispensing easy and effortless. This makes Tap-and-Box (TaB) packaging a great alternative to Bag-in-Boxes (BiB) and Stand up Pouches (SuP) with the added bonus of being fully recyclable.

Cap off, tap on.
It’s that easy.

And it’s easy on the planet too.

Did you know that the beverage carton is one of the most environmentally sustainable packaging method for wine? Well now you do. Compared to other popular alternatives, the 2 litre carton box has the smallest carbon footprint per litre of wine – roughly 10% of the CO2 emissions of a regular wine bottle. Multiply that with high volumes and what might seem like one small step for beverages, is actually one giant leap for the environment.

Easy to separate, simple to sort.

The TaB carton is ideal for high volume everyday products due to its larger size and recyclability. After the carton is empty and rinsed, put it in the carton bin and sort the CapTap as plastic packaging waste. No other beverage tap packaging system is this easy to recycle.

Fridge (and kid) friendly format for everyday use.

Bigger packaging saves money and trips to the store. Thanks to CapTap large beverage cartons can now be horizontally stacked to save space while keeping your favourite beverage cool. Lay the TaB carton flat in the fridge and you have a spill-free and safe beverage tap that children can use too.

Designed for the user, built for partnership.

Our goal is to bring a more sustainable and convenient packaging solution to the market, and the combination of CapTap and large beverage cartons make this a reality. Not only does CapTap improve the user-experience, but it also enables new product sizes creating new possibilities for beverage producers. In addition, packaging manufacturers might find new interesting ways to implement this game-changing innovation.

Join the packaging revolution and raise a glass to new sustainable business opportunities.